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0.00 ₪מחיר

Lamp: PHILIPS 280W R10.
Lamp control: Open and close lamp with controller or manually available.
Ballast: 100-240V?50/60Hz,Total power consumption 470W.
Color wheel: One color wheel with 13colors plus open, rainbow effect,13color linear mixing effect.
Gobo wheel: Two Gobo wheels .Static wheel with 13 Gobo plus open .Rotating wheel with 9 Gobo Rotating Gobo diameter 15.4mm with 13mm effect diameter.
Strobe & dimmer: 0-100%linear dimmer .Adjustable strobe speed and macro strobe effect available.
Special effects:
      1. Two rotating prisms .one 8facet ,one 6facet column prism Frost effect.
      2. Electric focus lens group with 2.5?20° beam angle.
      3. Auto position correction function.
      4. Pan 540°,Tilt 270°. (8Bit/16Bit).
      5. Over-heating protection.
      6. 2.2inch colorful LCD .upside-down display available.
Control mode: DMX 512mode, 16/24 CH available

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